Our Principles

All parts of a ScaraBot are manufactured and assembled with high precision. We only source components from reliable suppliers, while optimizing for the lowest weight.

Most assemblies are built on site in Germany and we vouch for highest quality.

Built for Work

ScaraBots are professional tools, built for work. Longevity, reliability and flexibility are the top features for our customers besides high performance.

During thousands of hours of development and testing, every part of the ScaraBot has been continually optimized, producing one of the best multirotor UAVs on the market.

Partner for Research and Development

The multitude of possible application scenarios and open interfaces are highly valued by our partners in research and development.

During various research projects we engage in the future of civil UAV systems. The results directly affect the development and concepts of new ScaraBot models, bringing the newest technologies into application.

The history of ScaraBot

ScaraBots founders are long seasoned in the development of high performance multirotors and UAV components, some of us since 2011. We work hard to push flight time and performance to ever higher levels. With this goal in mind, an ultra light carbon fiber frame with a patented aerodynamic arm design was developed. The custom lamination process ensures high stability and stiffness without tradeoffs to the lightweight design. The result was the first version of ScaraBot, which has been available as Quadro- and Octorotor since 2013 and gained many satisfied users.

The founding team of todays ScaraBot Technologies GmbH met in 2016 during a research project at the OTH Regensburg funded by the German Federal Minestry of Education and Research, during which it participated in developing a UAV for catastrophe response in earthquake scenarios. The expanded team of seasoned engineers and scientists now covered all essential technologies of UAVs. Lightweight fiber compound construction and UAV system design is now complemented by professional design, testing and manufacturing of power electronics, core flight control software development, sensor systems and control technology. All inhouse.

With this new setup we have developed a new version of the ScaraBot. The proven concepts of robust ultra light construction and high efficiency design are still central. Flight control and electronics have been completely redesigned und pushed to a new level. The payload interfaces are realised through unified digital protocols, enabling quick hot-swapping of payloads. An innovative smart battery enabled flight times of up to one hour - with real payload, in a real flight scenario. Last but not least, we focused on robustness and maintainability.

Built in series with a high production depth in Germany, the ScaraBot is a perfect tool for various tasks - a professional aerial tool.