ScaraBot BLG400



ScaraBot Brushless Gimbal
Available as 2 or 3 Axis version
Up to 400 g Payload
The task of a gimbal is to compensate for the flight movements and vibrations of the multicopter and thus ensure smooth, stabilized images and recordings.

Our gimbals are doing that very well. As with our multicopters, we value high quality together with low weight. Wherever possible, we use carbon fiber composite. State-of-the-art brushless motors realize the countermovements in fractions of a second and, thanks to their special control, they act smooth and efficient.

Maximum gimbal motion accuracy is achieved through the use of 2 independent IMUs, one encoder pro motor and state of the art gimbal controllers. Axis positions are detected with a precision of 0.1 degree.

Features BLG400


Number of Axes:  2 oder 3 Axes
Structure: Carbon fiber composite
Empty Weigth: 400gr
Interface: USB2.0 and Configuration GUI
Operating modes: Motor ON/OFF, Follow mode, Lock mode
Power supply voltage:     8-26 V (3s-6s LiPo)
Current consumption: 500mA (6S-24V)
Gimbal Dimension: 170x170x170mm
Pitch axis maximum rotation -45 to 120°
Roll axis maximum rotation ⁻50 to 50°
Yaw axis maximum rotation -90 to 90°
Video Interface: HDMI





    400g, 170x170x150-180 mm (W x D x H)


    100 x 80 x 80 mm(W x L x H)




Every gram counts in the air.

Available Payloads


  • Sony EV7520 30 x Optical Zoom

  • Micasense Altum

  • Micasense Rededge MX

  • Blackmagic Microcinema

  • Flir Boson

  • Flir Duo Pro R

  • Tamron 10x optical Zoom

  • Workswell Wiris Pro

  • Wiris Agro

  • Sony UMC-R10C

  • Dual Camera systems ( Tamron + Boson)

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